AAC communication board with text-to-speech for the browser

Cboard is an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) web application, allowing users with speech and language impairments (autism, cerebral palsy) to communicate by symbols and text-to-speech.

The app uses the browser’s Speech Synthesis API to generate speech when a symbol is clicked, there are 3400 symbols to choose from when creating a board. Cboard is available in 33 languages (support varies by platform - Android, iOS, Windows).

We’re using Discord to collaborate, join us at: https://discord.gg/TEH8uxh

How does it work?

This video from Real Look Autism will help you understand how communication boards are being used.

Disclaimer: the app in the video is not Cboard.


The app supports 33 languages. Languages were machine translated and require proofreading, if you want to help proofread click here: https://shayc.github.io/cboard-translate/ - you do not need to be a programmer!

In order to pull the latest translations from CrowdIn into the codebase, you can run yarn translations:pull. This will update all language files such as en.json as well as the central cboard.json file. Please note that this requires the CrowdIn API key to be available in the .private config file. Refer to Secrets Management. After the script completes, changes to the translation files will need to be committed to the repo by the usual process.

License: GPL v3
Authors: shayc