We don’t aim to take credit for the sites contents. We want YOU to be the real hero in making Open Source AT solutions that the world can use. However if you want to know who made the sites system and structure you can blame these two :

Will Wade

Will is a Occupational Therapist working at the Ace centre. In a previous life Will used to mess around with code. Found out more at http://willwa.de.

Paul Hewett

Paul is Ace centre’s design engineer. Paul kicked Will up the backside to get this project off the ground and really was the inital instigator for getting this all working.

Some coding was also volunteered by

Hossein Amin

Hossein kindly stepped in when Will & Paul got tied up with their real day jobs. If you are looking for a freelance coder for your project then look no further. He’s super quick and can deal with complex (and hard to understand) briefs really easily. Give him a try.

And special thanks goes to

  • Steve Lee For suggesting that the inital colours were disgusting and all round cheering us on
  • Mats Lundalv. For helping the world drive forward on the Open source AT crusade and helping get us the OATSoft files
  • Simon Judge. For being generally enthusiastic about this site, Open AT in general.
  • David Colven - and everyone else who contributed to the development of OATSoft.