Awesome Assitivetech Awesome

A curated list of 😎 awesome Assistive Technology frameworks and tools to help you develop your AT tool/system.

Speech Recognition

Tools to aid Speech Recognition

  • Python Speech Recgonition - Library for performing speech recognition, with support for several engines and APIs, online and offline.


Small and big projects to aid/support eyetracking

  • Extra TTS - Used to offer additional speech synthesis engines in cordova apps.



  • ATHack. Boston/MIT based hackathon pairing indviduals with disabilities with hackers

Email Lists

  • AT-Forum - The RESNA (Rehabilitation Engineering Society for North America) forum
  • AssistTech - UK based list with a number of AT professionals from an Clincial Science/Engineering Background
  • Access Group - UK based group of Occupational Therapists and Engineeers finding solutions for people to access electronic equipment
  • Communication Maters AACForum - UK Forum for the UK Chapter of ISAAC (International Society of AAC)

AT Engineering Organisations

  • Tetra Society of North America - Volunteer engineers across North America assisting people with disabilities
  • REMAP - Volunteer engineers across the UK assisting people - similar to Tetra


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