AraSuite is a set of tools (previously as separate projects: AraWord, TICO, AraBoard) for AAC. Really well done and implemented set of tools.

AraSuite is a set of tools (previously as separate projects: AraWord, TICO, AraBoard…) useful for working with people with disabilities, particularly those related with communication. That requires the use of aumentative and adaptative communication systems that combine pictograms and words as related concepts.

TICO (Interactive Board of Communication) is a computer application to generate and use interactive communication boards.

The program consists of two independent and differentiated but complementary applications: Editor and Interpreter.

With the Editor you can create the boards that will contain all the visual, auditory or environmental control elements.

The Interpreter allows to use the communication boards previously created with the Editor to overcome the communicative limitations. This application is equipped with a sweep function that makes a sequential route through the elements of the board, which facilitates access to people who have serious disorders in the motor. In addition, the elements of the board can be grouped to build sentences.

Note there is also a version for Android.

AraWord is a word processor that combines pictograms and text to help disabled people.

Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7, Linux and MacOS.

Authors: adgomez, eferry, ezpecas, idasfre, jfabra