A database of all official Blissymbols, and their definitions

A database of all official Blissymbols, and their definitions. Plus some additional utilities. Contents:

  • blissdata_chars.js, blissdata_words.js: this are the most important files, the database itself
  • blissviewer.js: a generic Javascript module for attaching Blissymbols to text
    • this file is compiled from the corresponding TypeScript file blissviewer.ts
  • blissviewer.css: example CSS style sheet for displaying the Blissymbols
  • blissviewer-demo.html: a simple webpage that shows how blissviewer.js can be used; you can test it out here:

There are only three global names that are introduced by the library: BLISS_CHAR_DATA, BLISS_WORD_DATA and BlissViewer are defined by blissdata_chars.js, blissdata_words.js and blissviewer.js, respectively. They are supposed to be used like this:

var myBlissViewer = new BlissViewer(BLISS_CHAR_DATA, BLISS_WORD_DATA, {...})

(The third argument to the BlissViewer constructor is an optional configuration dictionary).

License: GNU General Public License v3.0
Authors: Peter Ljunglöf