Wireless (Bluetooth) switch system capable of making 12 wireless switches.

The needs of people with disabilities in the computer or mobile device use are growing dramatically as more and more daily and community activities rely on the smartphone apps or online account access. People with difficulties using the common physical input interfaces, such as a keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen, are facing challenges not just in the access to a computer software but also in communicating with family and friends, paying utility and phone bills, online banking, learning, getting a job, or maybe just recreation with funny videos.

The switch interface is one of the easiest ways to overcome these challenges in using computers and mobile devices. However, the switch interfaces on the market are either expensive or difficult in installation. This project provides a simple, easy, and inexpensive solution of wireless switch interface for people with needs in using computers but short of dexterity in keyboards and mouses.

License: Unknown
Authors: Joshua Chung