A detailed project explaining how EEG signals can be collected and used to detect eye blinks etc for switch control of AT

As the title of this instructable says, we would literally be controlling applications using brain signals. We will look at the design of the hardware, as well as the software, and see how we can design the entire pipeline so that we can control anything we want using our Brain Signals.

Motivation for this project?

As we will see in this instrucatable, there are many different applications in which such a project can be utilized. However, one of the main motivation behind this project is to give people with various physical disabilities an equal opportunity in the society and to elevate them to a point where they can compete on a level parallel to the rest of the society.

Another main highlight of this project was to create a cost effective amplification system that was easily in the affordability range of the general consumer. The results that we obtained from our amplification system were quite satisfactory and gave reliable and accurate results that were comparable to the expensive equipment available in the market.

How does this work?

Essentially what happens is that our brain generates frequencies of different wavelengths depending on the type of activity that a person is performing. The table above shows this. So, lets suppose if you are in deep sleep, that would mean that on your Frontal Lobe (front of your head) you will be generating Delta Waves that have a frequency range from 0-4 Hz. We make use of this information by extracting it using electrodes, amplifiers and filters. Apply some Digital Signal Processing to it, and VOILA! you’re a genius. So without any further wait, lets jump into it.

License: CC BY-NC-SA
Authors: MuneebR3