Utensil holders give people with limited grip, hand strength, or dexterity a way to use items like eating utensils, toothbrushes, writing tools, and other small items. This device is focused on support for eating but the design could be extended easily to other objects. It was inspired by a post to the ATMakers.org page on Facebook asking for a utensil holder that accommodated knifes as well as forks and spoons.

This design has several advantages over other designs: -Is 3D printable for just pennies using the most commonly used filament – PLA. -Separates the device into a palm loop and a utensil mount. Each can be separately sized to accommodate differently sized hands and differently sized utensils. -The two components are joined using a common interface that can be extended for use with other objects like a pen holder or a hairbrush holder. And in the case of a pen holder – it has. -The utensil mount comes in two orientations to support both forks/spoons and knives. -The utensil holder attaches below the hand for a natural orientation, but the palm loop can also be designed with the utensil holder mount on top. -The hand mount incorporates a thumb rest/guard to protect the thumb from being injured by the utensil or dragged through the food.

License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Authors: Volksswitch.org