EyeLink is a partner supported communication method that allows an individual to communicate just through eye gaze. EyeLink is a simple and effective method of eye gaze communication which requires just an acetate or acrylic/Perspex sheet which is printed or engraved. EyeLink can be used with letters or symbols for communication. An EyeLink consists of a transparent frame with letters or symbols on, positioned between the person with communication difficulties and their conversation partner. Messages are generated by eye pointing to the relevant location on the frame and are recorded by the conversation partner.

EyeLink is one method of using eye gaze, and there are other methods such as E-Tran and technology based eyegaze systems. In many cases we find EyeLink can provide a good additional method to using a technology based eyegaze system, but for some is also a preferable method of communication. We first came across EyeLink after reviewing work by Amy Roman, Wendy Quach et al on a comparison of the different methods, and the subsequent PhD by Sarah Marie Swift – and so acknowledgement and thanks to them

This resource explains how to use EyeLink (you can also download the brief user guide as a PDF). There are also instructions on different ways of making EyeLink boards – the designs to make these boards are freely available.


License: ShareAlike
Authors: Simon Judge