Multi-purpose on-screen keyboard (Windows)

KeyboardX is a multi-purpose on-screen keyboard. It was designed with the needs of handicapped persons in mind. Due to its flexibility it can be used for several tasks though. Find more in features.

It was originally developed as a master thesis project for Institut Integriert Studieren at JKU. Currently it’s hosted as an open source project by Kompetenznetzwerk KI-I .


Please look at the wiki for full documentation, examples and other information.


KeyboardX consists of two parts, the player application which is able to open a given keyboard file.


Is written in C# for the Windows plattform and has the following features: - flexible configuration hierarchy - override settings at many levels - different drawers - GridBorderDrawer - GridBorderGapDrawer - GridBorderMarginDrawer - scanning - different scanning mode per grid - linear scanning, column-row scanning, row-column scanning - configurable scanning times - actions - TCP command - text to speech - open source and extensible: implement your own drawers, scanners and actions


A keyboard is basically a XML file which is defined by XML Schema. A keyboard contains one or several grids. The player shows one grid at a time. Keyboards allow a very flexible structure.

  • several grids per keyboard
  • own configuration per grid
  • buttons
    • icon support (jpeg, png, bmp, svg, wmf)
    • background-color
    • cloning of buttons
  • empty space (NOP buttons), allow flexible layout

Further a graphical editor for building keyboard files comfortably is planed.


If you like or find this software useful, please consider to solve one or two issues.

Things you should read before starting development can be found in the wiki under Development.

License: GNU General Public License v2
Authors: asterics