A resource of free symbols (pictograms).

The pictograms available for download are originally meant to offer structure and clairity to people with a mental disability. Other applications are neither excluded nor forbidden. The use of the pictogram is confined solely by the limit of your imagination.

Be careful however not to over-visualise. This may reduce growing possibilities. Sometimes if we put a little more effort and energy into it, we can help someone learn something without the use of pictograms.

When looking at the pictograms, you may have thought some to be more or less obvious then others. You would have thought correctly. Dont’t forget that the meaning of a pictogram is what you want it to mean. The meaning of the symbol has to be learned, like you would words of a language. Imagin consequently calling a cat a dog when talking with a child. It would know no better than to call a cat a dog. We are not born with a pictogram instinct for recognition! This also means that names and meanings of the pictograms offerde here are not definite and may be changed if you want to. I can only build on my experiences and simply offer suggestions. Feel free to make changes if they are needed or are desireable.

When you look for a pictogram, you will sometimes find more than one version for a certain concept or word. We don’t aim to be a system understandable by everyone. We aim to provide the best fit for your personal needs. You can choose whatever version is best understood in your family or in your institution.

License: CC-BY-NV
Authors: Sclera NPO