WeeBox- an accessible switch for people with limited movement

Overview: The “Wee Box” is a standalone Arduino based system for activation of accessible switches using common components in a package that can be assembled by an untrained person. It utilizes laser cut plywood and acrylic (available at most library maker spaces) for encasing the components. Everything shown can be purchased via amazon.com though electronics distributors such as digikey.com and mouser.com may be used as well for individual component purchase if desired.

Function: The box takes a simple input from the piezo switch which measures changes in force, and tests if a threshold of activation has been exceeded. If this threshold is exceeded the Arduino activates the output which will simulate a button press of an switch-enabled device.

The WeeBox has many possible applications for various populations with disabilities including ALS, SMA, CP, etc. Please refer to link (https://youtu.be/y9alvpyVeoo?si=EJ23azGr-Wriq8-G) for some of the possible uses.

Authors: Alexander Barry, MS, CCRC, Rachel Kravitt, OTD, OTR/L