Ear switch as an assistive communication and control device / gaming switch and HCI In this hack I have used a USB otoscope camera to detect voluntary movement of a middle ear muscle (tensor tympani), to control assistive technology software (Grid3), the Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard , and as an "left-click" selection as an adjunct for eViacam head- tracking software. 75% of people recognise that they can contract their tensor tympani (a rumbling sound or muffling of the hearing eg when yawning/ tightly closing eyes etc). 17% could generate the contraction in isolation to other movements. I have shown with a USB auroscope from Amazon that this causes movement of the eardrum, and I have detected this movement with iSpy motion detection software and successfully used it to control (handsfree); asssistive software (Grid3), the On-Screen Keyboard and to function as a "left click" for head tracking. I hope this can help people to communicate
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