Fast Talker is a cross platform application being used to evaluate the effectiveness of a speech generating device training protocol.

Fast Talker

Fast Talker is a native extension of earlier work to establish a free and open source application for use in the treatment of communication disorders. Fast Tasker is built upon Xamarin Forms and CocosSharp2d, both open-source frameworks for use in native development of applications for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry. Fast Talker is fully supported on all platforms, though only Android and iOS are actively maintained and under evaluation at this point.

Features include: - Native views in both iOS and Android - Dynamically add picture icons and text - Use as home screen, limit access to non-communication apps - Includes single item and autoclitic frame support - Constructs speech output using native functionality - Dynamically resize, mark icons, and apply other within-stimulus prompts - Incorporate images from anywhere, including your own camera and local pictures - Use boards from other devices, with the supported Open Book Format - Setup boards remotely and deliver prompting from another computer or tablet - Save all boards automatically, all locally managed!



  • - Beginning of embedded server functionality
  • - Restructured load sequence, new resource management, move to SQL databases, and overall cleanup for wave II
  • - Internal release for reliability
  • - Revert server support for now. Launcher mode with optional service (aggressive launcher mode)
  • - Initial server support, remote operation and setup
  • - Support for the Open Book Format, embedded and web-based tags
  • - Straight-Street images and embedded visual fixes
  • - Initial push

Derivative Works

Fast Talker is a derivative work of an earlier project and uses licensed software: * Cross-Platform-Communication-App - GPL-V3 - Copyright 2016-2017 Shawn Gilroy.

Fast Talker uses licensed visual images in order to operate: * Mulberry Symbols - CC-BY-SA 2.0. - Copyright 2008-2012 Garry Paxton.

Referenced Works (Packages)

Fast Talker uses a number of open source projects to work properly:

Acknowledgements and Credits

  • Joseph McCleery, Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania
  • Geraldine Leader, National University of Ireland, Galway


Fast Talker can be installed as either an Android or iOS application.

Device Owner Mode (Android)

Fast Talker can be set to be a dedicated, SGD-only device by having the administrator run the following command from ADB:

adb shell dpm set-device-owner com.smallnstats.fasttalker/com.smallnstats.fasttalker.Base.DeviceAdminReceiverClass

Optionally, administators can disable the user warnings displayed on the screen by running the following command from ADB:

adb shell appops set android TOAST_WINDOW deny

Issuing this demand will perform indefinite screen pinning, much as single-use devices (e.g., inventory counters, touch screen cash registers) function.


All downloads, if/when posted, will be hosted at Small N Stats. Formal app store/market release planned following formal evaluation through research and clinical development.


This is currently under active development and evaluation.


  • Additional, embedded visuals samples
  • Additional within-stimulus modifications
  • Support for Open Book Format (OBF)
  • Launcher mode to keep children/patients away from games
  • Backup and import of Open Board Format (OBF) files
  • Web-based portal for quick setup and remote operation


Fast Talker - Copyright July 7, 2016 Shawn Gilroy, Shawn P. Gilroy. GPL-Version 3

License: GPL v3
Authors: miyamot0