MacroMaker allows you to build a macro to simulate a series of keystrokes and mouse clicks, execute built-in functions or play back a previous recording with just a keystroke. Therefore sequences of keystrokes and mouse clicks can be activated with minimal movement.

MacroMaker allows you to create macros or recordings to automate most anything that you already do by hand. MacroMaker was written more for the use of people who regularly use computers and programmers rather than the casual PC user. Most anything you know how to do by hand can be translated into a macro or recording in MacroMaker. If you are having to perform repetitive tasks, this program will help you out tremendiously. The user can simulate a series of keystrokes, mouse events, play back previous recordings of keystrokes and mouse events or execute some built-in functions with just a keystroke. You can even store content from the clipboard in internal MacroMaker buffers for later use.

License: Freeware Non non commercial
Authors: ARM Software