MAGpie (Media Access Generator) is the original free caption- and audio-description authoring tool for making multimedia accessible to persons with sensory disabilities.

MAGpie 2 is a tool for creating closed captions and audio (video) descriptions. Authors can add captions and audio descriptions to QuickTime, Real, Windows Media Player, or Flash presentations (via Adobe Flash components and players that support it, e.g. NCAM’s “CC for Flash” component and ccPlayer.) Version 2.5.0 for Windows adds the creation and integration of closed captions into MP4 and 3GP source files, which can be played, and captions decoded, on BlackBerry® smartphones. You can also use MAGpie to create captions for YouTube videos. Please note that MAGpie 2.5.0 removes support for the GRiNS player.

License: Freeware
Authors: National Center for Accessible Media