An EEG/Eye Motion-Based Assistive Input Tool with an innovative UI for switch scanning the alphabet

Typeface is about typing with your face! It’s a project dedicated towards helping individuals suffering from paralysis communicate with loved ones in an intuitive and affordable way.

The project attempts to tackle two challenges.

1) Software and UX - current assistive typing technologies can be expensive and difficult to master. The goal is to build a unary input method (only one signal needs to be generated) that can be unified with any assistive input hardware to allow individuals to type.

The interface should be clear and usable by anyone with minimal training. Our target WPM range is 15-30 WPM.

2) Hardware - our working prototype uses relatively inexpensive but nonetheless proprietary consumer off the shelf hardware (the MUSE mindband). We intend to build an open source hardware platform more focused on our specific needs and still more affordable.

The ultimate goal is to make the entire hardware stack for this device cost under $100.

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License: Unknown
Authors: pavja2